Selte Cattle & Deer Haven Kennel

Announcing that we are taking puppy inquiries and applications for 2016!!!

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Planning the following Litters:
(Alaskan Malamute)
CH. Arcticeice My Mythic Askhim
CH. Sanekats Livin Out Loud

Confirmed Litter Due Oct 20, 2016
Arcticice Deer Haven Ashoka x Arcticice My Mythic Askhim
Ready to go Dec 15, 2016
Just in time for Christmas!!!

Confirmed Due June 3, 2016
Non-Breeding     $1100.00
Breeding/Show     $2000.00
(please contact on prices)

This litter will be more laid back and both parents have proven to be fun and easy to handle in the show ring.

Lilly x Askhim Litter "SOLD"

Ashoka x Askhim Litter expected October 20th 2016


Announcing Arrival of
Lilly x Askhim  "A" Litter 7 male and 1 female 

(Alaskan Malamute)
CH. Arcticice My Mythic Askhim
Arcticice Deer Haven Ashoka

Expecting Fall/Christmas 2016
Non-Breeding     $1100.00
(please contact on prices)

This litter will be full of life and ready to be a great outdoor working companion.

Puppies "Sold" 6 females 3 Males

Red Selte Dixie
Full red Australian Kelpie bred by Andrew Grayson from a breeding pair he brought over from Queensland, Australia. Her father still works at Wolf Lake Pasture and Dixie put in a summer there as well. Solid driving dog soft on sides but good for a hard push in the bush or corrals.
Black Selte Trex
Brought up out of Montana Spring of 2015 as a pup we are loving how this boy is developing. Both his parents where imported from Australia; unfortunately no papers came with, and are very strong working dogs that are currently riding over rodeo stock down at Billings, MT. "Trex" is stout and sweet, and after only one clinic showed great instinct and progress moving from initial stock encounter to brining the whole flock up in just one day. We will be continuing on with his training as he ages and will assess his ability this summer as to whether he will get to be breeding stock or not.

Deer Haven Kennel
Vermilion, AB T9X 1Y8

Available: Occasionally we will have trained dogs available to be rehomed to pet homes. This can be a great option for people wanting a companion without all the hassle of training a puppy. If none show still feel free to contact, as we may be able to point you in the right direction. Other breeds may also be available as we also run herding dogs.