Selte Cattle

About Selte Cattle Company

Ian was raised on a 500 head cow/calf operation located Southeast of Vermilion. It was by the guidance of his father Don that Ian developed an eye for cattle. Ian started buying purebreds at the young age of sixteen. In 2008 he made the decision to dive deep into the purebred industry by buying half of the Spring Creek Red Angus herd. In 2009 Ian married Jessi Etherington a ranch raised tough as nails cow girl. Together they have been selecting and culling their herd. Later that same year we purchased King and his Dam, what great additions to the program. At this time Ian works off the farm so the cows have to be able to take care of themselves . Udders are extremely important we Do Not have time to deal with calves that can’t suck. Calving ease is another top priority we only see about 20% born the other 80% are up and sucking by the time we get to pen checking. We keep track of calf vigor. We need those little ones to get up right away and suck whether it’s snowing, cold or raining. We are not scared to get rid of a whole cow line or bull line if it is not working, we do not want the possible bad traits lingering in the background that may pop back up again. We are very excited to announce an addition to our family November 25, 2013 Hannah Ruby Lee Selte was born beautiful and full of life. Thank you for visiting our website please feel free to contact us, Coffee is always on!

Ian, Jessi and Hannah Selte